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Beauty Foods for Beautygeeks: Tasty Snacks for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Now's the time to load up on these highly enjoyable snacks for bouncier skin.
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beauty foods not only taste good, but they act like
supercharged, almost magical anti-agers

Hearing someone say that their grayish veggie burger is satisfying and delicious often sounds as believable as a person wincing in high heels while insisting, "no, they're really comfortable."


At Beautygeeks, we're also food geeks, so you'll never convince us to eat something just because it's supposed to be healthy. And while we don't like to be all judgy about someone else's diet (because we'd hate if they did that to us), we have no problem forcefully recommending our favourite snack-time beauty foods.

beauty foods boost collagen production (for supple,
younger-looking skin), reduce redness,
fight free radicals
(which cause accelerated aging),
minimize fine lines and
(wait for it)
literally moisturize from the inside out

WATERMELON Watermelon is a surprising beauty powerhouse that's water-dense (great for skin) and loaded with lycopene, a carotenoid "which slows down cellular damage in skin and reduces redness," explains Toronto-based nutritionist Dr. Joey Shulman, author of Healthy Food Sins: Decadence Without the Guilt.

BERRIES Blueberries and raspberries are loaded with antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage. Strawberries are high in vitamin C - essential for collagen production which keep fine lines at bay and could even help with skin dryness.

LOWFAT YOGURT Say no to dairy and you are truly missing out. "Lowfat yogurt contains Vitamin A, which is fantastic for skin and also has antioxidant properties," says Dr. Shulman.

GREEN TEA In addition to its effectiveness in increasing your body's rate of burning calories (we did say almost magical), "green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols which slow down some signs of aging and reduce inflammation, so you get reduced redness as well," says Shulman.

ALMONDS Almonds are the ultimate beauty food. Not only are they high enough in protein and fibre to prevent those late afternoon snacking forays to the vending machine, but almonds are loaded with the skin-friendly and powerful antioxidant Vitamin E which helps prevent premature skin aging and DNA damage.

WALNUTS Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, the same good fats that make salmon a great beauty food, are also in walnuts (which are much easier than fish to carry in your purse). These fatty acids "act like a moisturizer to your skin, improving fine lines and keeping your cell membranes bouncy and happy," explains Dr. Shulman. And although walnuts "are so high in that good fat that people get scared because they want to cut fat to lose weight, the research shows the more of these good fats you have the less you'll weigh."

And the bouncier your skin will be. Can you say win/win?

Most of these are already on your snack list, right? Have a favourite to add?