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Sniff Test: Seven Canadian Favourites You Can't Smell

If you're sensitive to scented body care, you might like some or all of these excellent unscented lotions and creams, all Canadian.
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I'm a bit of a brat when it comes to body-care scents I don't like. I revert to three-year-old me, recoil in horror with a look of extreme disgust on my face, and can't help a knee-jerk "Blech!" You know this if you've ever come at me with a vanilla or dessert-scented thing. GAH! BLECH! YEESH!

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So to the following Made-in-Canada brands, thanks so much for offering unscented versions of your excellent skincare formulas. I love you for them.

Lovefresh Body Goodies Naked Lotion and Naked Wash ($20 each, are the newest additions to a line professionals like as much as consumers do. I've spotted Lovefresh at a host of cute salons, and at well-respected spas such a the Stillwater in Toronto; it's also at Haven Spa in Sidney, BC.

Consonant Body Organic Body Lotion in Pure Unscented ($22 and $42, stands out to me as gift-worthy. That's a bit odd to say because really, everything in this post is gift-worthy. Maybe part of Consonant's draw for me, aside from ingredients such as grapeseed, borage, olive and jojoba oils, as well as shea and cocoa butters, is the jaunty text on the labels and the brand's crisp style.

Cake Beauty Un-Sweet Supreme Body Mousse and Un-Sweet Velveteen Hand Cream ($22 and $18, renew my membership as a Cake Beauty fan. I've always really liked the textures and efficacy of the line's body products; now I can use them.


Live Clean Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free Body Lotion ($4.99, Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart; is one of many winners from this natural brand, one of the first mainstream Canadian successes. (The Fresh Face collection of skincare is the company's newest offering, so lightly scented it might as well be unscented. I've tried the daily moisturizing lotion as a body moisturizer for fun; my skin is a fan.)

Diane Lai Soothe Spot Treatment ($34, is a calm-your-too-dry-skin blend of grape seed, coconut, olive and jojoba seed oils, as well as shea butter. Lai recommends this as a post-sunburn soother as well.

Dot & Lil Unscented Body Butter ($14, is hand-crafted in Montreal, and nourishes skin with shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Rocky Mountain Dry Skin Butter Unscented ($12.49, is a travel-friendly stick of canola, cotton-seed and castor oils, and cocoa butter, too.

Actually, I adore LoveFresh's grapefruit & tangerine-scented line, all the scents in Consonant Body, and Live Clean's Fresh Water collection. Dot & Lil has creams scented with bergamot and satsuma, two of my most favourite scents in the world, and Rocky Mountain has a whole bunch I'd find irresistable. And Ryan Gosling is definitely on my list of Canadians I'd like to smell. But these unscented types needed a shout-out.

Are you a dessert-scent type? Fresh-scent fan? Or are you Team Unscented?