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Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

Want a teeny, tiny polka-dot bikini with a solid top and a sheer bottom? For $10? This is it.
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I'm wearing my first-ever bikini. A teeny, polka-dot bikini, even. And the top is solid, the bottom is sheer. See?


I'm only wearing the top. It's how I roll. The bullet is bright orange-red with a bit of shimmer (I can live with it); the gloss on the other end is a sheer, golden-shimmer watermelon shade, sweet on its own. Super-cute packaging; in terms of texture and wear, the duo is decent for the price point. The lipstick is just a titch drying, and a more saturated colour in person (I geeked out over it on a friend just recently -- was it you, Jennifer M?). The gloss is comfortable, not too sticky.


Jacob Lip Duo in Flirty Bikini ($10) is one of a pretty set of six launched earlier this year by clothing retailer Jacob. The makeup is made in China, but Jacob the brand was made in Canada: the Montreal-based company was founded in the 1960s by a man named Jacob Basmaji, and taken over by his son, Joey, in the late '70s. In September 2010, Jacob announced a no-retouching policy in regards to re-shaping their models.

Jacob Lip Duos are available at Jacob stores and via