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Guest Services: Fashion-Stylist Advice on What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Vanessa Taylor, fashion stylist and fashion editor for The Kit, shares her What-to-Wear-to-a-Wedding tips via Marianne Dimain's Global News TV segment.
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Asian baby doll at Lesa's wedding

Shopping for outfits for all the summer weddings you have to attend? Good idea today -- air conditioning and shelter from the rain, weekend crowds or not. Plus, if you've been wondering what to wear, you'll be set with advice via lovely Global News reporter Marianne Dimain and always-delightful Vanessa Taylor, pro stylist and fashion editor at The Kit. See the clip below.

Have any of Vanessa's suggestions steered you in a new style direction?

And yes, I know the doll in the opening photo (I took it at my friend Lesa's wedding some years back) looks a bit tanked. Wedding-guest etiquette is a whole other post.