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F is for Fassbender: Michael Before and After Teeth Whitening (via Photoshop)

I keep saying one of the best ways to look younger is whiten your teeth if they're at all yellow. Thought I'd show you via Photoshopped images of handsome Michael Fassbender. Before Photoshop: handsome. After Photoshop: EVEN MORE handsome.
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Michael Fassbender before and after Photoshop teeth whitening_1

One of my top tips for looking younger and fresher is whiten your teeth. Against white teeth, skin looks brighter and you look healthier overall. Thought I'd show you how that works via giving Michael Fassbender a Photoshop smile makeover. Can you see the difference? More below:

Michael Fassbender before_yellow teeth

Michael Fassbender after teeth whitening_Photoshop

Looks healthier with whiter teeth, too, right?

Michael Fassbender before and after Photoshop teeth whitening_2

A more clean-cut Fassy.

Michael Fassbender_Haywire_before whiter teeth

Michael Fassbender_Haywire_after whiter teeth via Photoshop

Even more clean cut with -- well, cleaner-looking teeth.