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Sole Soothing: From Rol San Dim Sum to Pretty Rich Foot Butter

It's true. My love of dim sum at Rol San restaurant led me to Pretty Organic Cosmetics Rich Foot Butter.
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Pretty Rich Foot Butter_Citrus & Cardamom

My love of dim sum at Toronto's popular Rol San restaurant led me to my new crush on Pretty Organic Cosmetics Rich Foot Butter.

The problem with Rol San's fresh, always piping-hot dishes is that overdoing it is rather a given. We have to order all our favourites, every time. Skip the shrimp cheong fun until the next visit? No. Leave out the best-in-the-city siu mai just once? Never. Swap har gow for those football-shaped slightly sweet deep fried dumplings with the savoury pork filling? Hell no -- get both. Get all. Plus a big plate of choy sum because we need greens. And omigod, roll us out of here because we're too full to walk.

Thankfully I've been visiting Rol San lately with friends who like to wander into Kengsington Market. And on one of the most recent walk-off-the-food-coma excursions, we wandered into Essence of Life Organics, a health food store crammed with bulk natural foods and quite the selection of natural and organic personal care products. One heavily-stocked shelf of cute packaging caught my eye; when we left, I had three little pots of Pretty Rich Foot Butter in my bag (yes, with the receipt -- they're $15 each, but Essence of Life sells them for $9.99).

Clearly sandal season influenced my purchase. But just like I can't whittle down my dim sum choices, I couldn't decide between three scents.

Pretty Organic Cosmetics_Rich Foot Butter

Each foot butter is a blend of organic shea, sweet almond, olive, jojoba and neem oils, plus the oils that give them their fragrance. Fresh Mint is the sum of peppermint, rosemary, eucaluptus and spearmint; Winter Pine contains fir needle, cedar, juniper berry, clove, patchouli and rosemary; and Citrus & Cardamom is scented with star anise, cardamom, orange, tangerine, spearmint and lime oils.

The texture is more solid balm than butter. Best to scoop a bit out with the back of a fingernail and melt it between your hands before application. Massaged into damp feet post-warm shower, it locks in moisture to keep skin soft, supple and sandal-ready. I'm using Citrus & Cardamom at the moment; it's joined Ella's Botanicals Healing Skin Salve in My Darling Clementine as my current soft-skin-and-feet favourites.

Pretty Organic Cosmetics is a Toronto-based natural line of face and body care. Created in 2007 by sisters in search of nourishing formulas for their sensitive skin, the collection includes a range of cleansers (ooh, cleansing grains! $20), clay masks (love the "Beauty Mud" names), tonics (their hydrosols -- floral water extracted via steam distillation -- look lovely; I must investigate Triple Rose, $16), serums, moisturizers, butters, and oils for hair and skin (Skin Savior, $24, with oatmeal, calendula, bergamot, rose and orange, is calling my name).

Time for another Rol San trip.

Visit for more information; they recently launched a line of coconut-based serums you might like to check out. Ella's Botanicals are made in Canada, too.