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This easy 5-step program is your Bright Lipstick Academy training!
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I was all about watermelon gloss -- I know how it feels to go outside your lip colour safety zone.

I was all about watermelon gloss -- I know how it feels to go outside your lip colour safety zone.

No guys come up to say "Hey, that's such a great no-lip look."
-- Veronica Chu, makeup artist

"I love your bright lipstick -- you look great! I wish I could wear colours like that. *sigh*" That's a statement I still hear a lot. And it's something I used to tell people too, until I trained myself to wear bright lipstick with confidence. Yup, I trained myself out of a watermelon lipgloss safety zone into bright berry, fabulous fuchsia, bold orange and traffic-stopping red. It's not easy to get out of neutral -- you know that if that's your beauty go-to. But you can train yourself to wear bright lipstick with confidence too, in just 5 little steps.

train yourself to wear bright lipstick in 5 easy steps

1.  Choose a hot colour you absolutely love in the tube. Ruthlessly shut out that I-would-never-wear-that thought and PUT. IT. ON. Finish the look with a little BB or CC cream and concealer as needed, curled lashes and mascara, and a soft blush on your cheeks.

2.  Wear that hot colour around the house all day – all weekend if you start on a Saturday. Accept compliments from family members and mirrors. Ignore all negative comments. They'll be coming from your own head, which canNOT be trusted. Face a bright window in your bathroom or bedroom and take a bunch of digi-photos of yourself wearing said bright colour, just for fun.

3.  On Day 2, wear that lip colour in public. Wear it to work or wear it out to lunch with your most fashionable friends. Every other thought in your head will be omigod-I'm-wearing-such-a-bright-lipstick, but IGNORE. Tell friends you're determined to learn to wear bright lipstick fearlessly. Be strong. Accept all compliments -- you'll get them, trust -- with grace.

4.  On Day 3 -- no, you don't get a break to switch back to neutrals. It's called "training" for a reason. Remember how you admired bright lip colour on other people. Understand that even in your discomfort (which should be less now than on previous days), other people stuck in neutral will see you and think/say,"I love your bright lipstick, you look great! I wish I could wear colours like that."

5.  On Day 4, twitpic your best bright-lips photos with an "I can learn to wear bright lipstick" tweet. Post the really good ones on Facebook and Instagram. Accept compliments.

Around now -- let's say Day 5 -- you should find yourself reaching for your bright lipstick automatically. Now you are the person other people will envy for your fearless ability to rock gorgeous bright colour on your lips.

Time for a different shade.

See how easy it is to learn to wear bright lipstick? Trust.

UPDATE: This is how you do Step 5! Love, love, love.

Go Robyn, go!

Jane is a die-hard soft neutral-lip woman. But look!

Lindsay's on a roll -- amazing!

Bright Lipstick Academy_Lindsay Smith

Train lipstick of the day: MAC Neon @janinefalcon knows what's up. — Lindsay Smith (@sometimesicing) July 10, 2012

Jennifer's wearing one of my favourite shades, MAC Girl About Town!

@janinefalcon My fuschia lipstick for a wedding tomorrow, inspired by @beautygeeks!!!…
— Jennifer Monk (@myjmo) July 6, 2012

So. What's holding you back? xoxoxo