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F is for Face-Saver for Summer: A Fab BIG-BRIM Straw Hat for $9

SIZE MATTERS. A little-brim hat provides so little sun shelter. Put yours away and get THIS fab broad-brimmed topper for just $9. You're welcome.
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best sun hat_Joe Fresh $9_2012

I'll say it again: size matters. Put that cute little hat with its bitsy brim away (you know who you are) -- it's useless as sun defense. Get this Joe Fresh straw hat instead -- it'll be the best anti-aging $9 you'll spend this summer.

Joe Fresh Straw Hat_$9

Simple and chic, this topper has a brilliant, not-too-floppy big brim that shades the whole face and back of neck. Such generous under-brim shadow is also perfect for quality Kobo-time in the backyard or on the balcony -- it'll provide shade for your vulnerable décolleté, too. (I used the flash in the opening shot so the contrast between sun and shade would be less stark, but you get the idea, yes?)

I love this wheat colour; a snappy navy-stripe version ($14) is also available.

If you can't snag exactly this sun hat, just remember when you shop: you absolutely need at least six inches. Good to have for the long weekend.

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