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Cranky Beauty Pants: A Fancy-Spa Visit w Hand-Painted Chocolates -- Still Cranky

Cranky Beauty Pants got a Mother's Day deal at The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Toronto. She and her bestie had massages, facials, lunch, and mani-pedi services for what Cranky feels is equivalent to, say, rent. And she's still Cranky. Uh oh.
Ritz-Carlton Toronto_lobby

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto Spa had an incredible deal for Mother's Day. So I booked my bestie and me in for the "I love Mom" special as her birthday present. That's right, we coasted on a Mother's Day special ’cause I'm frugal like that.

How frugal? Well, it was $900 taxes and tip included. Which, coincidentally, is the amount of money I feel is reasonable to pay for say, rent.

The Arrival  We arrived at the spa's lovely facilities half an hour in advance, as requested. We filled out our paperwork and then headed to the change rooms where we programmed our own lockers with digital key codes. (This was great -- we didn't have to wander around all day with the stupid telephone-cord bracelet and key around our wrists.) After that it was off to the women's relaxation room to pick apart trashy magazines and enjoy hand-painted chocolates.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto_spa sanctuary

The Massage  First up were 60-minute massages with two lovely RMTs. My massage was okay; I wasn't overwhelmed with relaxation. Bestie and I did, however, receive tax receipts in the amount of $169 each for the service.

Bestie and I headed back to the women's sanctuary for more hand-painted chocolates before it was time for facials.

The Facial  The Transformation facial, with a regular retail price of $160, was also 60 minutes. It featured Skin Authority products and a gylcolic peel. The service was lovely, but in the weeks since, my skin has never been worse. Just me? Quite possibly, although my skin has always responded well to facials in the past.

Lunch  OMG. Yum: a club house sandwich with peameal bacon instead of regular bacon, served on olive rye bread. Amazing. We also splurged on the yummy creme brulée.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto_mani and pedi stations

Mani and Pedi  After lunch was grooming time for hands and feet (regularly $55 and $90, respectively), using Spa Rituals products. The colour choice was limited, but the manis and pedis themselves seemed well executed. Plus, lounging in the big, atrium-like Sanctuary while we dried was a delight.

However -- and this is a big however -- I can typically get 5-6 weeks out of a pedicure. It's been about three weeks and mine is destroyed. Also, the nail file had sharp edges and cut me a little bit. Now I have a weird ingrown nail/infection on my big toe, and it's super painful. But only when I walk.

The nail techs were super fun though.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto_whirlpool

Other  Bestie took a shower in what our spa hostess described as the "human car wash." I hung out in the sauna, until I remembered that I hate saunas. It's something I need to re-learn whenever I am confronted with one because, in my mind, I should love a warm, dry place.

I do not have to re-learn that I'm terrified of steam rooms, but The Ritz-Carlton's was broken so that wasn't an issue.

The Mother's Day package also included a gift. The spa staff forgot to give it to us so I had to make an extra trip to pick it up. It's a Spa Rituals sugar body scrub. Spa Rituals is a vegan UK brand and its scrubs retail for about $40 CAN.

Would I go to the Ritz-Carlton Spa again?

For lunch in a robe -- yes. For services, I think I could do better somewhere less... rent-y.

Since our visit, I understand the spa has undergone its own transformation with a new product partner. Perhaps the head BG or Liza will be the guinea pigs this time?