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If you're not a fan of primer, how do you get your makeup to stay put on melty summer days? Try this pro tip.
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Humid days are here again, rudely wreaking havoc on makeup and sleek blowouts. We'll talk about frizz-busting another day; today we've got a make-makeup-stay tip for people who would rather not fuss with primer.

When he works with clients with oily and combination complexions, Montréal-based makeup pro Eddie Malter has them apply moisturizer on cleansed skin even before he arrives, so the skin can absorb the moisturizer thoroughly. 

When he's ready to start, instead of reaching for primer, he instead picks up a big fluffy brush and dusts a super-light layer of powder all over the face and lets it sit for several minutes. Over that, he'll apply concealer, foundation and the rest of the makeup.

"A little bit of powder gives the makeup something to stick to, and creates a barrier between oil and pigment so everything lasts longer," explains Malter, who is the official makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris. 

The idea is that the powder holds onto makeup better than a primer, especially in hot temperatures in which the skin hits overdrive with oil production.

Malter doesn't avoid primer altogether, however. For clients with more texture – i.e. wrinkles – Malter uses primer to fill in fine lines and creases, then applies a tiny bit of powder on top before layering on the rest of the makeup. And for clients with dry skin, a primer base smooths the skin and helps keep moisture in.

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What's your go-to powder? Will you try this tip?


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