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Joanie's Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Hairstyles

LouLou Magazine's Joanie Pietracupa has given herself a hair challenge: 30 days, 30 hairstyles. Follow along!
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Many years ago, before everyone had work email (seriously -- I remember when Livent Inc. got email), and before I began doing wedding makeup as a weekend gig, I had 30 lipsticks I'd bought but hadn't worn. Brand new beige-y nudes, rosy nudes, bronze-y nudes, golden nudes, pale pinks, rosy pinks, plummy pinks, rosy browns, plums, plummy browns, burgundies, and a couple of true reds -- they were all just sitting in my kit looking pretty. (No, there was no orange, coral or fuchsia -- this was the '90s, when MAC Spice liner and Twig lipstick ruled.)

At some point, that immaculate collection struck me as absurd, so I set out to wear a different shade per day, in alphabetical order (what? that's how I had them organized), for a month. That was a sort of precursor to my Lipstick Diary posts. And it was waaay easier than what my gorgeous friend Joanie is up to right now.

The associate editor-in-chief of LouLou, and the magazine's beauty director, too, Joanie (pronounced szo-anni) says she's not a handbag junkie, nor a shoe addict -- she's all about hair. So she's embarked on a 30-day DIY hairstyle exercise, trying a new look every day. About 17 days in, so far she's executed top knots, braided coronets, fishtail braids and sexy waves, and shared her how-to tips and conclusions about each style.

Check out Joanie's posts (Google Translate will come in handy if you don't speak French) and pretty photos. And if you have suggestions for great styles she might try, let her know -- I'm not much good to her in that regard. I'm more of a lipstick person.

Actually, how many hairstyles are in your repertoire?