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Cab Quickie: What, You've Never Given Yourself a Facial Peel in a Taxi?

What, you've never given yourself a quick facial peel in a cab? Of course I have. But maybe you should try this at home.
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An antique Chevy used as a taxi

This sounds a bit odd, but I've never received so many compliments on my skin in one day -- and some retroactive. As in, "Omigod your skin that day was amazing!" And when I told all those nice people, "oh, I did a peel in the cab on the way down," they kind of freaked a little.

I'm certain my friend Laura C will know exactly the magic of which I speak when I say Tata. Harper. Resurfacing. Mask.

Tata Harper_Resurfacing Mask

I was racing down via taxi to meet with Maybelline New York makeup pro Grace Lee at Toronto's World Mastercard Fashion Week, and fretting a bit over the texture of my skin: oily, dehydrated, a couple of dry patches -- it happens when I'm sleep-and-water-deprived. #badbeautyexpert #onlyhuman

Suddenly it occurred to me that my non-laptop time could be put to better use. I had a sample pot of Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($55), a jelly-like blend of natural smoothing pomegranate enzymes, deep-cleaning pink French clay and exfoliating+calming white willow extract. I had a bottle of water. I had a stash of coffee-shop napkins. I had a bottle of moisturizer. And I had about 15 minutes. So I slapped on a thin layer of mask, waited about seven minutes, poured a bit of water on a napkin, wiped my face off, and applied moisturizer with time to spare. A few minutes later at my appointment, the complexion compliments started.

Magic or what?

The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask feels refreshing on application. On skin, there's zero irritation -- it just feels like a bit of sticky-ish gel on the face. And once it's rinsed or wiped off, skin feels insanely smooth and looks wonderfully radiant. No reason to freak, except in a good way.

Okay, maybe it's magic.

Tata Harper_Resurfacing Mask new

And now, packaged in a fancy new jar, there's an improved version of the mask (it has a higher concentration of active ingredients) that I can't wait to try. Who doesn't need more magic -- in the back of a cab or not?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not advocating facial peels as regular back-of-the-cab activities. You should definitely try this at home.

Tata Harper 100% Natural skincare is available via and Gee Beauty.