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Lipstick Diary: What I She Wore That Day

Sometimes I can't help myself. I love your lipstick, I love how it looks on you, I need a photo.
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Sometimes I just can't help myself. I love that colour on that face; I need a photo, now. Do you mind? No, no, just stand right there. Wait, maybe over here. Turn a little this way? Right, toward the light. Okay, great. I'll just take one more. Amazing.

This is Paige Dzenis. I love her lipstick, and the way she wears it accompanied by simple fresh skin, brows with presence, and mega lashes.

Aside from her most excellent showcase of Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #40 ($22, Sephora) -- "my faaaave shade ever!" she says -- pretty Paige is nail obsessed. In a good way -- she's got the Nail Corner over at Fashion Magazine. (Paige is the associate online editor for Fashion.)

Check out her wonderfully creative mani how-tos, the story about her experience as part of the nail team backstage at designer Lucian Matis' Fall 2012 show, and the fun stuff she carries in her purse.

Man I love that lip shade (yes, I'm still obsessed with orange). You?