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Wanted: Beautygeeks + NEUTROGENA® Need 7 Women to Try NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair Skincare for Review!

Beautygeeks needs 7 Canada-based readers to test NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair day, eye and night creams for 7 days and report back! We'll supply the skincare; you'll supply the feedback!
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SPONSORED We're want-it-now types. NEUTROGENA® seems to know that about us, so they've created a skincare line that promises a discernable difference in just a week. Seven days.


At the heart of NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair is NEUTROGENA®'s fastest available retinol formula. "Accelerated Retinol SA" is a combination of ingredients that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles without upsetting the skin.

Retinol SA is the brand's patented "sustained action" retinol, which NEUTROGENA® says works for 12 hours to smooth fine lines and brighten skin tone.

• The formula's Glucose Complex ups the efficiency of the Retinol SA, thus helping the Rapid Wrinkle Repair start working as soon as you apply it.

Hyaluronic Acid helps skin retain moisture, which plumps up skin's surface and makes it more tolerant to exfoliating ingredients such as retinol.


The Rapid Wrinkle Repair lineup includes NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair SPF 30 (a good daily dose of SPF is crucial to protect skin when you're using anti-aging ingredients), NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye, and NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night. The collection takes aim at fine lines, rough skin, discolouration, crow's feet, and forehead and cheek wrinkles -- deep ones, too. Each item retails for $24.97 in Canada.

Now, I can tell you I noticed a difference in my skin in seven days. I can tell you that I appreciate the tube of eye cream for its effectiveness as well as its fits-in-my-makeup-case size. And I can tell you I particularly like the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night's light yet nicely emollient texture.

But wouldn't you rather I told you that Beautygeeks and NEUTROGENA® want seven residents of Canada to test NEUTROGENA® Rapid Wrinkle Repair for seven days and report back with a review?


If that sounds good to you -- and you're great with deadlines *grin* -- qualify via this link to answer a short questionnaire about your skin's needs. The last day to apply is Wednesday May 23rd. Selected candidates will be notified via email about the next steps.