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F is for 4pm on the 4th of May + June + July: Schick Quattro for Women Canada's GET QUATTRO-FIED Promotions

Snag a Schick Quattro for Women coupon and, if you're really lucky, win one of Schick's weekly prizes as part of their Quattro-Fied campaign!
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Set your phone alarms, ladies! At 4pm today, May 4th (and at 4pm June 4th and at 4pm July 4th... you get the idea), you want to shoot over to the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page to snag one of 4,000 printable $3-Off coupons for any Quattro for Women products.

Plus, every week this month, Schick Quattro for Women Canada is giving away a beauty prize, such as a $150 Sephora gift card (hello!), to lucky FB fans! (In June, a Bikini Village gift-card will go every week, and in July, watch for prize packs of everything you need to get summer-ready!)

And of course every week the page features fashion, health and beauty tips via Schick Quattro's peppy Style Squad of experts: Niki Blasina (A Haute Mess), Karen Kwan (Health & Swellness) and yours truly. (Next week: A blog post on your face's best accessories, and, on the wall, shortcuts for one of warmer-weather's most important beauty rituals!)

So hit this handy Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook link to LIKE, participate and try your luck!

Schick Get Quattro-Fied

I can't help it -- I have to address this one little thing: whenever there are freebies to be had, some people tend to get their knickers in a right twist if they aren't quite lucky enough. The comment threads after a popular contest closes can make for entertaining and sometimes shocking reading. But from what I've observed from this side of the screen over the last four years, Beautygeeks types are just lovely, and really get the spirit of a giveaway: if not this time, there's another lucky thing right around the serendipity corner. For that, HEART. xoxo