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Anna Dello Russo + H&M = Gleefully Over-the-Top Accessories

Italian Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo is famous for her unrestrained love of fashion and eccentric style. When H&M came calling for a Fall 2012 collaboration collection, she chose to do accessories, such as jewelry, clutches, shoes, shades and a trolley.
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Anna Dello Russo for H&M Fall 2012

She may call herself a fashion victim, but Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo is celebrated in the industry for her unrestrained enjoyment of fashion and her eccentric, over-the-top style. Now she's collaborated with H&M on a line of statement accessories for Fall. The collection includes sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, clutches -- and a trolley. October 4th is the official in-stores date, and involves about 140 doors worldwide.

Anna Dello Russo for H&M_ADR_for_h&m_jewelry.jpg

"I'm completely crazy for fashion. That's why people think I'm a fashion icon, because I'm really a fashion victim more than a fashion icon," says AdR in the video below. About her decision to focus on fripperies rather than clothing, "accessories for me are the focus in my life," she explains. "As you see [in] my house, I collect them."

I'm charmed by AdR's joyful appreciation of pretty and fantastical things. "They make a sound," she says of a jingly oversize charm bracelet. "This sound -- bling-bling -- this sound is a great sound because it's a therapeutic sound."

Looks like every AdR for H&M piece is designed to elicit compliments or spark conversation at least. Anyone else wonder how many might end up on eBay with extortionist price tags within hours of stores opening on Launch Day?