Triple Threat: Coolest Derek Cardigan Frames, Amazing Price, Great Story

Fashion Magazine beauty director is under siege: compliments about her awesomely cool Derek Cardigan glasses frames just won't stop coming.
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Lesa and her awesome frames

Since Fashion Magazine beauty director Lesa Hannah got the specs she wears in this photo, she's been besieged by compliments. The geek-chic Derek Cardigan cat-eye frames with a smart multiplication symbol on the left upper corner and division on the right spark enthusiastic conversation everywhere.

derek cardigan frames = many many compliments

Seriously, these Derek Cardigan frames have created a total shit-girls-say scenario: OmigodIloveyourglasseswheredidyougetthem?? Heck, I gush practically every time I see Lesa. And I've been waiting for her to write about her frames so I can share.

Lesa's experience:

When I bought new glasses last fall, there was no way I could possibly have anticipated the reactions the oversized tortoiseshell cat eyes would elicit from strangers. These included a flight attendant asking me to get up from my seat and come show them to her colleague; in New York City, a woman approaching me in Bloomingdale's saying she had seen me earlier in Madewell and had to know where I got my glasses; after appearing on "The Marilyn Denis Show" on behalf of the mag, a viewer emailed prodding to know the same.

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Oh, hey Lesa? Love those glasses.