Cranky Beauty Pants: Vanity is the Better Part of Fruit and Veggies

Cranky Beauty Pants hates fruit and vegetables. She doesn't care that they're good for her health. But now she's thinking again.
Fruits and vegetables

The head BG and Liza are always on me to eat fruits and veggies, but they really taste terrible to me so I ignore them. Them being the fruits and veggies and the pesky editors.

I like a consistent product, like hamburgers or French fries. Those pretty much always taste the same and you know what you're going to get. You can never tell if you're getting a "good" strawberry though.

At any rate, this LA Times article is interesting because it's promoting fruits and veggies not through my long-term health (not particularly motivating) but my vanity (more motivating).

Side note: When I was very small, my mom fed me too many orange fruits and veggies and actually turned me orange. It's like a cautionary tale and shit.

Photo borrowed from the LA Times.