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F is for Figures: Artistic Colour Gloss is With It; Me, Not so Much

What's the name of this no-chip manicure colour again? Okay, it's something I'm not. Um... er... nope, still no clue. Rats.
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Artistic Colour Gloss in With It

"It's With It by Artistic Colour Gloss," said Leeanne of this nail colour as she applied my soak-off, empty-moon mani just over a week ago.

"At least something about me is with it," I said.

At home, later that evening...

Aw geez -- what the heck is the name of this colour again? Omigod, we even joked about it. Okay, it's something I'm not...

Six days later I had to DM Leeanne for the name. Sheesh.

Whether I'm with it or not, I love this no-chip gel colour as a warm-weather shade. It's a deeper shade of teal than it appears in the photo, though (cameras totally lie). Oh, and note how tiny Leeanne made the moons. Re-growth won't look so obvious; this is already more than a week after application.

Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off gel in With It

What do you think about the colour?

Artistic Colour Gloss is a soak-off gel collection by celeb manicurist Tom Bachik.