F is for Figures: Artistic Colour Gloss is With It; Me, Not so Much

What's the name of this no-chip manicure colour again? Okay, it's something I'm not. Um... er... nope, still no clue. Rats.
Artistic Colour Gloss in With It

"It's With It by Artistic Colour Gloss," said Leeanne of this nail colour as she applied my soak-off, empty-moon mani just over a week ago.

"At least something about me is with it," I said.

At home, later that evening...

Aw geez -- what the heck is the name of this colour again? Omigod, we even joked about it. Okay, it's something I'm not...

Six days later I had to DM Leeanne for the name. Sheesh.

Whether I'm with it or not, I love this no-chip gel colour as a warm-weather shade. It's a deeper shade of teal than it appears in the photo, though (cameras totally lie). Oh, and note how tiny Leeanne made the moons. Re-growth won't look so obvious; this is already more than a week after application.

Artistic Colour Gloss soak-off gel in With It

What do you think about the colour?

Artistic Colour Gloss is a soak-off gel collection by celeb manicurist Tom Bachik.