Getting Warmer: Chanel Summer 2012

Luminous Bronzing Powder, hot Nail Colour in Holiday (I'm crushing on Island), tangy tangerine Glossimer lip gloss and delicate, shimmery beiges. Like?
Chanel summer 2012

Hello, pretties! Yes, I'm talking to you as well as Chanel's limited-edition Summer 2012 makeup collection.

Chanel model_Monica Jagaciak

Due on counter on May 21st, Chanel's 2012 summer beauty is all about looking polished and sun-warmed, with compelling neutral eyes, bronzed cheekbones, and a slick of tangy colour for punctuation. (Ooh -- I'm caught by the manicure model Monica Jagaciak -- aka Jac -- shows off here. It's Chanel Nail Colour in Island ($27), described as "pearly golden beige.")

Chanel model 1

Let's zoom in for a look at the makeup. See? Classic Chanel, really. Very Bellboy, get my my yacht, please.

Chanel Summer 2012_bronzer in Sable Beige

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder in Sable Beige ($55): shades of pale peach, beige, bronze and gold, intended for medium to dark complexions.

Chanel Summer 2012_Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer_Sable Beige

For fair skin, the bronzing powder is available in Sable Rose, which has colour blocks of pink rather than pale peach.

Chanel Summer 2012_lipgloss in Calypso_Nail Colour in Holiday

Love the name of this Chanel Nail Colour -- Holiday ($27). Also available: Island, a pearlized golden beige (worn by Chanel model Jac, near the top of this post), and Delight, a shimmering bronze. This glimmery, sheer Glossimer lip gloss in Calypso ($31) matches the polish -- yep, matching lip to nails is about to be cool again. Alternate shade: Sirocco, a pale beige, also sheer and glimmery with gold and pearl.

Chanel Summer 2012_Rouge Coco in Empreinte_En Vogue

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in Empreinte ($39), a soft, subtly shimmery beige.

Channel Summer 2012_Rouge Coco Shine in En Vogue and Empreinte

Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in En Vogue ($39), a juicy, lightly shimmery coral.

The collection also includes a shimmery eye pencil, Crayon Khol in Peche Cuivre ($26). My photo is missing because some effing hack or server screw-up torpedoed all my images with French accents in the name, as well as text that contains accents too. #GRRR. Anyway, Peche Cuivre is designed for the inner rim of your lower lid. Its soft shade brightens eyes, making the whites look whiter so you look refreshed, like you're just back after an afternoon soujourn on your my yacht.

Chanel summer 2012 collection

Now please don't be mean and compare my little snapshot to the pro shot, below, of the full collection. Staff tried that; you don't want to know what mundane task she's now saddled with as retaliation. #notlikeshe'lldoitanyway

Chanel Summer 2012 collection image

The Chanel Summer 2012 collection includes a shimmery Eye Shadow Duo in Sable-Emouvant ($50), a rich brown and sandy beige, as well as an Eye Pencil in Brun Intense ($27). The Luminous Bronzing powder in the above image is Sable Rose, by the way.

Anything catch your attention in this array?

Chanel photographs © Chanel 2012 - Solve Sundsbo. Chanel cosmetics are available at The Bay, Holt Renfew and Murale (you know you can shop online at Murale.ca now, yes?)