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Shades of Grey: According to Liza Herz, That's Not Aging-Gracefully Code

Liza Herz's decision to ditch hair colour and let her grey grow in unencumbered does NOT mean she's a poster child for natural aging.
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Liza Herz

Supermodels! Colour catastrophies! Advice for celebrities! A Naomi-Wolf takedown! Hair care and makeup tips! Alice in Wonderland! Beautygeek Liza Herz (above) has things to say about grey hair.

She's said things in this piece about why she needs silicone (I'm tickled that you can type "crazy cat lady" into the Beautygeeks search bar, and the story comes up). And in the May 2012 issue of Fashion Magazine, Liza says more things -- related to the above paragraph -- in her story "All the Silver Ladies," about her decision to go with her shades of grey.

"The reason silver has become a trend isn't complicated," she writes in reference to the recent wave of youthful types colouring their hair to achieve the shade. "When you're young, weird stuff looks good: nerd glasses, unusual piercings, and even silver hair, which looks amazing against plump, rosy cheeks. Young hair is so glossy and healthy that it can withstand the bleaching required to go translucently white without turning to straw."

But that doesn't make Liza feel like she's cool and on trend. And she's not making a statement about embracing aging: "Hell no, not me. I embrace nothing," she writes. "Nor am I commenting passive-agressively on other women's decisions to keep colouring. I do not want to be an accidental poster child for 'natural aging.'"

Pick up the May issue of Fashion (it features pretty Kristen Bell on the cover) -- or click here to read the story online -- to find out why Liza ditched the dye jobs. Bonus: her story is part of a great section, which includes beauty editor Sarah Daniel's fascinating piece, "Splitting Hairs," on what makes hairstylists become colourists or cutters (it answers a question I didn't know I always wanted answered).

What's your stance on grey hair? Could you say no to hair colour? Or are you down with all your shades of grey?