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Light-Headed: The Pantene Aqua Light Blowout Event Verdicts

Beautygeeks Ada, Orlena, Patricia, Erin and Meredith joined me at Shagg Salon in Toronto to test drive Pantene Aqua Light for fine, flops-fast hair. Here's what we thought of it all.
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Pantene Aqua Light_Beautygeeks at Shagg2

SPONSORED Last week's Pantene Aqua Light blowout event at Shagg Salon in Yorkville was a beauty revelation for the Beautygeeks participants. And yes, I include myself in that group.

Pantene Aqua Light_Orlena Lee_Beautygeeks

"I didn't know I had this much hair," exclaimed Orlena Lee after her blowout. Eight hours later she reported via Twitter, "my hair still looks fab!" And the following morning: " still fab, sprayed conditioning shake, blowdried root and off 2 work!"

Pantene Aqua Light_Meredith Karcher_Beautygeeks

Self-described skeptic Meredith Karcher was pleasantly surprised -- and pleased at the possibility of reducing her styling steps. "I'm impressed that I can get this look with just a leave-in after shampoo and conditioner; I usually add a spray primer plus mousse," she said. "I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and now I've got volume with a weightless feeling." (Read her review of Pantene Aqua Light here!)

Pantene Aqua Light_Erin Haggett_Beautygeeks

"My hair is... bouncy!" marvelled Erin Hagget after her blowout. "It's never been bouncy." And she's been getting good results since then, too. "My hair held up really well last week. I easily went the next day without having to wash it (a rarity for me), and I've been loving the products since the event," she said. "The leave-in shake is especially awesome. It's so hard to find post-wash products for fine hair that don't weight it down. I really love how light it is, and the fact that it helps to protect hair from heat damage."

Pantene Aqua Light_Patricia McCullagh_Beautygeeks

Patricia McCullagh was pleased too, and a few days after the event had this to say: "It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling very clean, with lots of movement and volume. The weightless conditioning shake protects from heat styling but doesn't weigh down my fine hair. Overall, I'm very impressed with the products!"

Panten Aqua Light_Ada_Beautygeeks

Even Ada Wong, who rocks a pixie cut because she prefers not to fuss with styling, was delighted with her blowdry. "Amazing volume!" she exclaimed via Twitter the next morning. And in an update a few days later, "the Aqua Light did inspire me to blowdry and try to create more volume," she said. "Since it's protective, I'm not so worried about the effects of the blow drying on my coloured hair.  I've had lots of compliments since I started using it."

Designed for the woman whose fine hair collapses under conditioner, the Pantene Aqua Light system consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray. It's not technically a "volumizing" system; rather, it adds zero weight to fine hair. The Aqua Light Silicone-Free Shampoo is formulated to clean gently and thoroughly. The Aqua Light Conditioner has just a bit of light silicone, which keeps hair from matting up in the shower. (That's particularly good for fine, colour-processed hair.)

Pantene Aqua Light_Justin_Beautygeeks

The leave-in, dual phase Weightless Conditioning Shake, according to Shagg salon co-owner Justin German, is a no-hold spray with very lightweight silicone to provide post-shower detangling benefits -- fine hair is particularly vulnerable to breakage when it's wet and at the mercy of a comb -- as well as heat-styling protection. "If you want to add any other styling products, like mousse, you can just apply it after you use the Shake," he told us before we got started. Note: no additional volume boosters or stylers were added to our hair before our blowdry sessions.

Pantene Aqua Light_Janine Falcon_Beautygeeks

Although my hair type isn't fine or flat, I'm also exceedingly pleased with my results. I needed a tiny bit of styling product over the surface of my hair at the top of my head to manage some of my more stubborn flyaways, yet my hair felt fresh and swingy for days after my blowout. It held onto its shiny style far longer than it usually does without flattening out, and without my having to resort to dry shampoo. (That last point is key; dry shampoo tends to make me itchy.) In fact, I now want to be able to take the Pantene Aqua Light trio with me to blowout appointments. Seriously.

Do you have fine, flatline hair issues? Have you tried Pantene Aqua Light yet? DO YOU WANT TO? If you live in Toronto, you can book a free Pantene Aqua Light wash and blowdry (and take home the products to try) at Blo on King St. W either April 20th or April 21st. Just follow this link!

Thanks so much to the Shagg salon artists for such pretty blowouts, and to Carmel for makeup touch-ups. First and last photos by Darren Goldstein; visit the Beautygeeks Facebook page for more fun shots during and after the blowdry.