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PMS Goggles: Beer Goggles for Food at That Time of the Month

I'm at the mercy of PMS goggles, beer goggles for food at "that" time of the month. Everything fried, fat, greasy and doughy looks beyond delicious.
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Jenny Craig Cheesy Potatoes and Chicken_I call it a KFC

I haven't had KFC for ages. It doesn't usually interest me. But right now, it's like KFC's bought the lion's share of advertising in my brain for the next two or three days.

I'm at the mercy of PMS goggles. Not to be confused with PMS googles (#easytypo), they're like beer goggles for food at that time of the month. Everything food-ugly -- fried, doughy, greasy and stratospheric in fat -- looks like the most beautiful cuisine in the world. And today, KFC is the lead sponsor.

(Let's pause for an aside on the origin of the term PMS goggles: I was passing a big convenience store when I spotted a window poster of greasy, dark brown taquitos. Oooh, those look yummy, I thought. Then I realized that 27 or so days out of a month, I'd be revolted by the poster, or probably not notice it at all. Definitely PMS goggles at work. Ironically, I was on my way to Lesa's and John's for some truly delightful fare -- click the sometimes socially hyperlink below for an example.)

As some of you already know, since about last July I've looked to Jenny (they've dropped the Craig) for help reducing my weight. I'm down 27 lbs so far and amazed at how easy and successful it's been despite the challenges I encounter frequently as a matter of course (oh, hello, Easter weekend) as well as through work and sometimes socially.

One item in particular makes me happy right this minute: the Jenny Cheesy Potatoes and Chicken lunch. That's it up there lookin' fancy in the photo. From the moment I met it, I've called it a "KFC Bowl" -- it even comes in a round plastic container.

I've never tried a real KFC Bowl, but it seems to me that potatoes with cheese, corn, peas, breaded chicken pieces and gravy could qualify.

Nutritional breakdown: 250 calories, 7 g fat, 420 mg sodium, 31 g carbs, 5 g fibres, 4 g sugar, 15 g protein. (Really, I just look at the calories.)

PMS goggles, meet the Jenny "KFC Bowl."

Little victories.

You've had to deal with PMS goggles, right? What's the worst thing they've ever made you crave?

This is not a sponsored post. While I did try Jenny initially free of charge, I now purchase the food.