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F is for French Tips: Revlon Nail Art French Mix Mani Duos

To me, French Manicure = Porn Star Nails. But Revlon's Nail Art French Mix duos are down with the trend toward more sophisticated, colourful French Tip manicures.
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Multicolour french tips

To put it mildly, I'm not a fan of traditional white-and-nude French manicures or French tips. I love what's been happening in editorial images like the one above (found online, not Revlon), the more sophisticated version we've been seeing over the last few months.


But nails like these -- and believe me, it hurt Staff and me to put this photo on Beautygeeks -- "Porn star," I think. "Star" might be overstating it, but whatever. I'm so scarred by manicures like this that I reacted with a measure of horror when Revlon nail expert Leeanne Colley of Tips Nail Bar mentioned she was working on some French Tip mani looks.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Chance Encounter_Sneak Peek_Kiss & Tell

Then I saw these, Revlon Nail Art French Mix polish duos, and understood.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Encounter_Sneak Peek_Kiss&Tell

Eight shades of Revlon Nail Art French Mix polish duos ($8.95 each) will launch this June.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix in Chance Encounter_Sneak Peek_Kiss & Tell

Duo names include Chance Encounter, Sneak Peek, Kiss & Tell, Sweet Revenge, Moonstruck, Miss Perfect, All the Rage, and Over the Moon.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Kiss & Tell_All the Rage_Sweet Revenge

Each duo features two complementary polish colours.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix

Of course you can mix and match at will if you have more than one duo. (Staff felt it was important to mention that.)

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Sneak Peek_Miss Perfect_Kiss & Tell

Some shades have a bit of shimmer.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix in Sweet Revenge_Over the Moon_Chance Encounter

Some shades are creamy.

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Sweet Revenge_Over the Moon_Chance Encounter

Revlon Nail Art French Mix_Over the Moon_Sneak Peek

Revlon Nail Art French Mix in Moon Struck_Sneak Peek

Do you like these as alternatives to the standard French thing?

Revlon Nail Art_French Mix

Noticed these are kind of Easter colours... have a great Easter weekend!

Revlon Nail Art duos will be available in drugstores and mass retailers. Revlon preview photos via Fujifilm FinePix F300 EXR digi-cam. I heart it.