Press Preview: Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Summer 2012

Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci, the second collaboration between Guerlain and Pucci looks to Portofino's sun-splashed hues of terracotta, coral, indigo and turquoise for Summer 2012.

Portofino's sun-soaked coral and terracotta hues, the brilliant turquoise of the glittering Mediterranean sea... I want. to. go. to. there.

The Summer 2012 makeup from Guerlain, Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci, is to blame for a new yearning for the sights, sounds and seafood of the Italian Riviera. The second collaboration between Guerlain and Pucci (the first was in 2007), this limited edition collection was inspired by the rich colours of the coast in Genoa.

Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush wood compact

The star of the group is the Terra Azzurra Bronzer and Blush in this beautiful polished dark wooden compact, which comes with its own Pucci-print pouch.

Guerlain Pucci_Terra Azzurra_Bronzer and Blush compact

Note: the compact is magnetic -- cool, right? Bronzer + coral + fuchsia + light pink = stunning you. $76

Busted Image

Did you know the first Guerlain Météorites pearls debuted in 1987? This crisp print in this collection is an adaptation from an archived Pucci print called Winter Capri, by the way. (This tin's tapered cupcake appearance is a trick of the camera angle.)

Busted Image

Météorites Perles d'Azur's blue pearls are a special-edition addition that works in combination with the other shades to flatter sunkissed skin (sunkissed via self-tanner, right?). $66.

Guerlain Pucci Kabuki Brush and Pouch

Also part of the collection is an indigo-bristled kabuki-style brush with its own case. $46.

Guerlain Pucci_nail polish Paradisio_Riviera_lip gloss_Porto Fino_Porto Azzurro

Guerlain Pucci nail polish and gloss in Paradisio_Riviera_Porto Fino_Porto Azzuro

Here, Terracotta Vernis -- nail polish -- in Paradisio, a hot coral pink, and Riviera, a metallic deep indigo. $24 each. Lip gloss in Porto Fino and Porto Azzurro (looks like sheer lavender when applied). $35 each.

Guerlain Pucci lip gloss in Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole, a spice shimmer. $35.

Busted Image

I adore coral and pink shadows -- so flattering for every eye colour. This Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Écrin 4 Couleurs in Capri includes a shade of white gold as highlight and dark brown for depth. Stunning for brides, by the way. $64. Also for eyes, there's a gorgeous indigo blue Khôl in Blu Acqua ($40) and a Mascara le 2 de Guerlain by Emilio Pucci in Blu 2 Pucci in a sleek brown lacquered tube ($38).

Guerlain Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci will be on counter exclusively at The Bay on April 15th, and available everywhere else Guerlain is sold on May 15th.

Do you want to go to there with me?

Preview photos via Fujifilm FinePix F300 EXR digi-cam. I heart it.