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Star Talking: Want to Be a TIFF 2012 Red Carpet Style & Beauty Correspondent for L'Oréal Paris Canada?

L'Oréal Paris Canada is expanding their TIFF Red Carpet coverage with three beauty correspondents in 2012. Want to help choose one? Want to BE one?
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Megan Fox_TIFF 2011_photo Scott Mileskie

Last Toronto International Film Festival, Jon Hamm told me he hates his hair. His Friends With Kids co-star Adam Scott told me he's never had a facial, Brian Austin Green ’fessed up about his weirdest beauty experience (#bestinterviewever), and his wife, actress Megan Fox, declared that she hates getting ready for the red carpet.

Freida Pinto told me that for her, beauty is confidence, Rachel Weisz decided that passion is a holiday from thinking about how you look, and Madonna told me she looks so young because she's happy.

I didn't talk to Hugh Laurie, but I did out him to his The Oranges castmates as a face of L'Oréal Paris Men Expert (one actress was so shocked she said bad words -- and got cut from the video!). And yes, I asked Hugh Dancy how he prepared for all that "down-there" acting in Hysteria, a movie about the invention of the vibrator.

You want a turn at celeb chat and the chance to work with a terrific team? This year for TIFF, L'Oréal Paris is expanding their red-carpet coverage and engaging three beauty correspondents. They haven't yet been selected, but here's where things get interesting: not only can you help choose one of the correspondents, you could actually be one of them. L'Oréal Paris Canada Facebook fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate, and that person could be you.

Check out this promo, and mark your calendar. Auditions start in May!

You thinking 'bout it?

Top photo: Scott Mileskie.

UPDATE: L'Oréal Paris eventually decided against the "voting" route -- what with so many voting scams, it's near impossible to keep an online voting contest fair.