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Press Preview: Joe Fresh Beauty Spring/Summer 2012

What's new for Spring 2012 from Joe Fresh Beauty? Tinted moisturizer, translucent powder, eye shadow quads, face palettes, Shine Lipstick (like high pigment balm), Matte Lipstick (three hot new shades!) and brand new Lip Tint formulas, for a start.
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Joe Fresh Lip Tint March 2012

Who gets excited about a $6 lip tint without a trace of underlying skepticism that it'll suck? Joe Fresh Beauty fans, I'm thinking. Especially when we know the pro-in-the-know involved in the product development and the direction of each season's collection.

"Joe [Mimram] shows me his initial ideas of colours, textures, patterns and things he's feeling for the season, and I forecast what's going to happen on the runways," explains Simone Otis, whose makeup-pro resume includes working backstage at New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez, Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Band of Outsiders and more. You've seen her work in all the Joe Fresh Beauty ads as well as in a variety of top mags such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and Elle Canada.

"You have to be in it, saturated in what's happening constantly, and you get a sense of 'oh, I think this colour will be coming,'" she says about predicting trends. "It feels like you're doing a puzzle, and what's the next missing piece? If oranges are happening, what could be next? Either it's going to be a huge switch and it'll go brown, or it'll go to a deeper orange red -- that's how it happens."

Joe Fresh Sheer Tint March 2012

Sheer Tint tinted foundation, $12; Joe Fresh has simplified its complexion makeup. Not a brand to look to for problem/solution formulas -- Joe Fresh is about colour and trends, says Otis -- it's landed on a tinted moisturizer in keeping with its fresh-faced image. Also now in the linup is a Primer, $12.

Joe Fresh Translucent Powder_March 2012

Translucent Powder, with a plastic stopper to keep the powder contained, and a flip-open mirrored lid; $8. "It took a while to find, at our price point, a translucent powder that would really, really work," says Otis. "And I do use this over everything in my kit now, whether it's a white, white face all the way to blue-black skin. I feel like that's the best thing to do. You can't add more colour to the face, I feel that's weird. If you want to, you could do it with a bit of a bronzer in the right places, but for your powder, it shouldn't have colour, it should just match."

Joe Fresh Bronzer in Copper

Bronzer in Copper, a new darker shade, joins Sand and Golden; $8 each. "I've always liked [bronzers] that don't have a lot of shimmer in them," says Otis. "I find them more believeable."

Joe Fresh Beauty_Lash Define Mascara_Length Lash Mascara_Lash Plump Mascara

Lash Plump, Lash Define and Length Lash mascaras, $8 each. Joe Fresh might not be in the business of solving issues for skin, but lashes are a different story. Now defining, lengthening and volumizing formulas join the brand's basic mascara. "It's an area I think we can expand on even going forward. We're going to keep looking at different technologies -- different brushes, different formulas," comments Otis. "And everybody has a very specific mascara."

Joe Fresh Eye Shadow Quads March 2012

Eye Shadow Quads, $10 each, in eight combinations, from Warm Neutrals and Cool Neutrals to smoky quads, plum, navy and khaki.

Joe Fresh Face Palette_Neutral looks

Two looks from the Face Palette in New Neutrals (below); $12. Each Face Palette consists of two shadows, a blush, highlighter and two shades of gloss.

Joe Fresh Face Palette_New Neutrals

Joe Fresh Face Palette_Purple Haze looks

The Face Palette in Purple Haze.

Joe Fresh Face Palette_Purple Haze

Joe Fresh Face Palette_Bright Burst looks

The Face Palette in Bright Burst. I love this one, of course -- the lip shades.

Joe Fresh Face Palette_Bright Burst

Joe Fresh Shine Lipstick March 2012

Shine Lipstick in eight shades, $6 each. A new favourite for me, these "high-pigment lip balms" go on smoothly and have a pretty shine finish. I was in the mood for a subtle shade one day, so I tried Rose (front row, right corner). And I love it.

Joe Fresh Shine Lipstick_Peach_Flesh_Raspberry_Rose

Joe Fresh Shine Lipstick_Kiss_Tango_Wine

There is an eighth Shine Lipstick shade, called Flamingo. Missing from the display that day for some reason.

Joe Fresh Lip Tint March 2012

Lip Tint in Mango, Ruby, Berry and Plum, $6 each. No more lip markers -- now tints come in lip gloss-like tubes with doe-foot applicators. The formula is a bit different too. It goes on easily with a little shine but dries down to a soft, very sheer stain, despite the punch you see in the tube.

Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Bubble Gum and Crush

Bubble Gum Lip Tint (left) looks electric, as does Crush (right). But it really is just a whisper of sheer colour.

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick March 2012_Bubble Gum_Melon_Orange

Matte Lipstick in three new shades, Bubble Gum, Melon and Orange; $6 each. When Joe first came out with their bright lipstick shades -- Fuchsia, Poppy etc. -- "people were very afraid of that," comments Otis. "It wasn't quite happening yet, the whole lipstick thing. But I was like, 'we have to do these colours,' and thank God because they were the biggest selling."

Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick Spring 2012

Otis shared some fun facts about developing these shades -- hint: one of these mattes isn't as matte as the others. That story is posted on; pop over for the scoop!

Joe Fresh Beauty nail polish Spring 2012

Nail polish, $4 each or 3/$10. "We were so lucky to launch at a time when people weren't afraid to play with nail colour, and we keep having fun in that area -- new more frosty, glittery versions, a sheer orange... it's a really fun, non-scary way to get customers to play with colour."

Joe Fresh is already about finished the Fall 2013 Beauty collection -- what do you think they'll have for us then?

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