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Cranky Beauty Pants: Who Wore Bob Better at The 2012 Academy Awards?

Cranky Beauty Pants has a bob in her bonnet. Who wore it best at the 2012 Academy Awards?
84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Welcome to this year's edition of "Bobbing for Oscars." The contestants? Rose Byrne and Anna Faris.

First up? Rose Byrne. She debuted this look to much discussion at the SAG Awards. It's grown quite a bit in the weeks since the show, she's got a great part and a really nice depth of colour.

Anna Faris_2012 Academy Awards

The challenger? Anna Faris. Why is Anna Faris of House Bunny fame at the Oscars? No idea. Her bob is shorter, blonde and could benefit from some frizz control.

The winner? You be the judge.

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