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Two-Timer: Revlon Nail Art Break-Up Polish + Shatter Duos

Break-Up polish-plus-shatter duos launch Revlon into the shatter-sphere.
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Revlon Nail Art Break-Up

Someone at Revlon is having fun dreaming up ways to maximize on the nail-art trend. I only wish these samples had been accessible in time for February 14th. Revlon Nail Art Break-Up -- come on, is there a better day than Valentine's Day to launch something called Break-Up? #ironynotbitterness

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up_Star Crossed

Meet Star Crossed, iridescent metallic pink and bright blue shatter. The brushes extend from the black middle piece. ("Duh!" you might say, but I bet someone who has never used a double-ended lip gloss is going to forget which way is up, unscrew the wrong end and have an unfortunate spill.)

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up_Killer Instincts

This is Killer Instincts, a creamy tangerine paired with gold shimmer shatter.

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up_Love Hurts

And this is Love Hurts, acid-lime green plus silver shimmer shatter.

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up_Star_Love_Killer

Break-Up is available in eight combinations of duo minis to mix and match -- no repeat shades. From left, a closer look at Star, Hurts and Killer.

Revlon Nail Art Break-Up_Crossed_Hurts_Instincts

From left, the flipsides Crossed, Hurts and Instincts. (I know, shatter isn't for everyone. But it's an excellent way to disguise chipped polish.)

The Break-Up suggested retail is $8.95 each. The collection has already begun shipping, and will appear in Wal-Mart and drugstores in Canada by the end of this month. They're already rolling out in drugstores in the US.

How's that for fun Break-Ups?

What do you think of the concept? The packaging?