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Cranky Beauty Pants: Katy Perry Blues

Cranky Beauty Pants on Katy Perry's Blue 'Do
Katy Perry_Grammy Awrds

I have always wanted pink hair. It makes no sense, I know.

I mean, unless you're Katy Perry or an at-risk teen, it's not terribly practical but I've never done it precisely because the upkeep is so ridiculous. Even with millions of dollars, Katy Perry has roots.

I've studied those at-risk teens on the subway with their rainbow hair and have often thought that blue and green hair seem to be the hardest to keep up. They look washed out really fast. Katy's upside? Her eyes really pop.

Also, I think the first lipstick I ever owned was this colour, although mine may have been a little frostier. Did you ever have that lipstick?

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