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Cranky Beauty Pants: And the 2012 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Winner Is...

How do you do the red carpet shmooze in the shadow of a tragic star death? Cranky Beauty Pants has thoughts.
Lady Gaga_Grammy Awards 2012

No one could have predicted the death of one of the music world's biggest talents on Grammy Eve. Sunday's Grammy Awards red carpet was a first, and likely a nightmare for all involved. It was pretty hard to watch.

Imagine being a stylist for one of these stars and having to endure her re-thinking her entire look for the night after all your careful planning. That said, clearly Fergie didn't change her plan at all and still had time for an all-over spray tan. And Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj_2012-Grammy-Awards

That outfit + Pope didn't come together overnight.

But let's talk about the E! red carpet team's strategy. It evolved as the show went on. First, everyone was asked about Whitney Houston, but it was so awkward; eventually interviews reverted to standard "Congratulations on your nomination. How does it feel?" and "Congratulations on your nomination. Who are you wearing?"

If you work in the media industry, or you've been watching these shows for a while, you know that stars only walk the carpet to talk about their next project. Then Whitney dies and they can't talk about it without seeming like jerks, what do they do?

If you're Billy Ray Cyrus, you transition weakly and try to pimp your younger child's new album. #redcarpetfail

If you're Lady Gaga and a genius media manipulator, you don't walk the carpet at all. #redcarpetwin

But then that's how E! ended up talking to Paris Hilton and lingering on photos of Rebecca Black smiling inanely in front of the Grammy step and repeat. #wealllose.

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