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Listen Here: Liv Tyler Sings INXS Need You Tonight for New Givenchy Fragrance

Liv Tyler gets vocal over Givenchy's new Very Irrésistible Electric Rose fragrance. Hear her version of "Need You Tonight" -- what do you think?
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Liv Tyler_Givenchy

Liv Tyler is getting vocal over Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose, the newest member of the Very Irrésistible fragrance lineup. The 34-year-old star and face of Very Irrésistible performs a cover version of the INXS hit "Need You Tonight" for an ad for the scent, which launches this month.

"It was fun and terrifying and wonderful," Tyler told "I always thought when I was a little girl that I'd be a singer. My mom (Bebe Buell) was always in bands." The actress is, as you must know, the daughter of Aerosmith frontman and "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler, and stepdaughter of musician Todd Rundgren.

Check out the song below (not fond of the still-photo approach to visuals in a video, but whatever, until the ad premieres):

What do you think? Like? Or Unlike?

UPDATE: Here's the music video:

Image courtesy of Givenchy.