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Cranky Beauty Pants: Ashlee Simpson at the SAG Awards 2012

Cranky B Pants has thoughts about Ashlee Simpson's short platinum 'do.
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

I'm about to say something unexpected. I wanted to warn you because you it's really quite shocking.

Ashlee Simpson was at the SAG Awards Sunday night--that's not the shocking bit. Actually, it could be the shocking bit because Ashlee Simpson doesn't really sing let alone act.

Well, that's not fair, she acts like she sings.

Okay. The shocking part is her new hair.

It's lovely.

When you try to Google image "Ashlee Simpson" and "SAG" you get an auto-correct to "SHAG" and a thousand photos of her various shag hair styles over the years, from black to red in colour.

This is so lovely on her. I'm going to guess that the look was not created by her sister's main gay and partner-in-extensions, Ken Paves.

What do you think?