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Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

Lancôme's newest lipsticks offer themselves for morning, afternoon and evening, a convenient way to decide what shade is appropriate for when and where. And they're way pretty, too.
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Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick in Dans Ses Bras

This youthful red is part of a collection of very pretty lipstick shades landing mid-February. The range includes semi-sheer shades, demi-sheers and almost-opaques, too, and includes a healthy number of bright and bold hues. No ho-hum colours here.

Lancome Rouge in Love_Dans ses Bras 163 M

I'm wearing Lancome Paris Rouge in Love lipstick in Dans ses Bras - 163M, $30 (available via The texture is light and long lasting, not especially drying, but not balm-like either. Comfortable, though. I love the shiny silver packaging, and the topstitch detail along the back of the cap is sweet (the red print does wear off eventually, though).


The Rouge in Love shades are split up into numbers that end in M, B and N.


The M shades are "Jolie Matin" colours, pretty brights but in soft finishes Lancome has positioned as morning shades -- pretty but not too punchy for the office (or bleary Monday-morning eyes).



The B shades are "Boudoir Time" types -- they include statement hues Lancome thinks are fun for late afternoon (pshaw; they're for any time of day).



The N shades -- you've probably figured it out -- are intense shades for evening, "Tonight is My Night."

Mother-of-pearl particles are key to the formula, but not in a prom-princess way. In the M shades, they're hue enhancing rather than contrasting. In the B shades they add a fine shimmer, and in the N shades in the line, they add a golden sheen -- no tacky silver sparkle, thank you.

I had a little trouble with the lighting in these photos, but does anything strike your lipstick fancy? Have you managed to get your hands on one to try yet?