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Cranky Beauty Pants: Golden Globes Bridal

Cranky B Pants is thinking about Golden Globes style at the chapel.
Michelle Williams_Charlize Theron_hairbands_Golden Globes

We don't have a lot of chances in our regular, work-a-day lives to dress up like the stars do. Even though they try very hard to convince us that they're just like us -- you know, like Diane Lane claims she'll be doing laundry on her birthday, and Julie Bowen was cutting her kids' hair before she got ready - the truth is we're as different from them as we are from children looking to be sponsored in infomercials starring Alyssa Milano.

So, when I watch awards shows, I want to see which fashion, hair and beauty trends might actually be applicable to our lives. Usually the only application I can see is bridal. Which leads me to headbands.

Charlize Theron Golden Globes

Here's Charlize Theron and her glittery headband at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Michelle Williams Golden Globes

And Michelle Williams with her pixie hair and dark band with a hit of sparkle, also at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Like Princess Kate brought back sleeves, I think Charlize and Michelle might bring back the bridal headband.

80s bridal hairband

Luckily it won't be this one from the 80s. I hope.

What do you think will show up on brides this wedding season?

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