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Cranky Beauty Pants: Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes

Cranky B Pants sees a little double and wonders which A-Lister should get the A+
Angelina Jolie_Natalie Portman_Golden Globes 2012

I think we were all tuning in to the Golden Globes Sunday night to see what Ricky Gervais would say. That's where I was expecting to be surprised and delighted. If I were going to gasp, it would be at something Gervais said. But then the Globes red carpet gave us all an amazing gift. Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman in a "who wore it best" showdown worthy of every tabloid.

Angelina Jolie_Golden Globes dress

Angelina Jolie...

Natalie Portman Golden Globes 2012

Natalie Portman.

Angelina Jolie Golden Globes makeup

And it's not just the striking similarity with the dresses.

Natalie Portman Golden Globes makeup

We also have the buns, the diamond earrings and the eyeliner. I'd ask who you thought wore it best but it's really no contest.

I actually feel kind of bad for Natalie Portman.

Okay, fine. Who wore it best?

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