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F is for Flummoxed: How I Lost Weight Over the Holidays Without Really Trying

I hit the 20lbs-lost mark the week after Christmas! I have to credit Jenny (formerly known as Jenny Craig).
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No, I didn't have a tapeworm. Nor was I unwell. I actually enjoyed holiday treats and like most people, went a tad overboard at Christmas dinner. Yet I hit my 20lbs-lost mark the week after Christmas.

Thanks to Jenny (formerly known as Jenny Craig), for the first time ever, buying a bathing suit (the black Miraclesuit in the above photo) wasn't the demoralizing, self-loathing experience it has been in the past. And wearing a bathing suit on a beach was, for the first time ever, an exercise in feeling good, even though how it looks on the model is still not how it looks on me.

How did it this feeling-good-in-a-bathing-suit thing happen? I was flummoxed at my appointment, but here's what I think contributed:

1) Portion sizes. Anyone who thinks you can't learn anything from the Jenny program because it's all done for you is forgetting something: humans can learn from almost anything. After six months of Jenny, I know what a sensible portion looks like. Now if I overdo it, it's to a lesser degree because I know when my plate has twice the amount of food I'd have in a Jenny container. (After Thanksgiving, I put my leftovers into empty Jenny containers to make sure I didn't overdo it.)

2) Balance. If I had a rich lunch (including dessert), as I had several times, or had a decadent dinner (including dessert), which I also had several times, I compensated for those extra indulgences by cutting back at another meal. Spinach or broccoli and cauliflower as lunch or dinner isn't my favourite, but I discovered I don't hate it either when I know how it helps.

3) Perspective. I know now that if I gain a couple of pounds one week, I can drop them again with a week of paying attention. I'd actually hit the 20-lb mark a couple of weeks before Christmas, but gained two pounds the following week. Imagine my shock at my appointment on the scale on December 30th!

What, you want a photo of me in my suit? Hah. As if I'm going to let a stupid camera add 20lbs. That said, now I'll probably have to make up for the last two weeks, the first on a beach holiday where an all-you-can-eat buffet was the daily dining experience (I overindulged, but was much more controlled than I would have been pre-Jenny), and the second on a press trip in France, where we had the most incredible, rich cuisine and the best butter in the world.

I know with just a little Jenny effort over the next couple of weeks, I'll be happy in my bathing suit again. Happier, even.

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