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Master Class: Makeup Ace Pat McGrath + Jessica Stam = The Smoky Eye Vid

This how-to video is a must for every smoky-eye makeup fan. Makeup superstar Pat McGrath, Global Creatie Design Director for Covergirl, offers a step-by-step featuring Canadian model Jessica Stam.
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Makeup pro Pat McGrath is, every season, one of the reasons we wear makeup the way we do. From backstage at shows such as Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Mui Mui and Prada, McGrath, also Global Creative Design Director for Covergirl, influences the strength of our brows, wing of our liner, placement of our blush, and shade of our red lipstick. She's also been in the beauty news lately over her transformation of glowy Mara Rooney for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

In July, the artist teamed up with Canadian model Jessica Stam (who always makes me think of my former roomie Karyn) to create a series of how-to vids for Covergirl. Here's the first release, in which McGrath whips up a gorgeous smokey eye using just three products + mascara. (Re: complexion, take note of where concealer should go -- tapping some into the inner corners of the upper lids is a game-changing move many people skip. Note, too: blend foundation behind your ears!)

Fun Pat McGrath fact: "I wore my first red lip last year -- I'd never, ever, ever done it -- and I'm like, why did I wait all these years?...It was so good," she said during a visit to Toronto earlier this month.

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