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Flo Mojo: Florence Welch Opens a Dept-Store Sale? Oh, Great Makeup.

This simple, no-mascara, berry-lip look is one of my favourites, for celebrations for the first day of a department-store sale and more.
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Wait. When Harrods has a winter/Boxing-Day sale, they have international music stars perform as part of a swanky opening ceremony? Has that being going on long? Why haven't I moved to where Harrods is?

Cool chick Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was the star attraction (in a floor-swishy Chanel dress and cape) at Harrods' sale opening yesterday. And she wore perfect makeup. Flawless skin, defined brows, shimmery beige shadow, no mascara. Subtly sculpted cheeks, berry lips.

Florence Welsh

Don't love her hair, though. Wish it were less curling-iron structured, more natural and mussed.

Hey, anyone have any guesses as to what Flo's lip colour is?

Could this -- with tweaked hair -- be your New Year's Eve look? Might be mine, if the Boss gives me the night off. (See how she's made me work two days in a row?)

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