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Cranky Beauty Pants: Pondering the Truth of Madonna's Truth or Dare

Cranky Beauty Pants ponders the truth of Madonna's Truth or Dare fragrance.

The posters for Madonna's new fragrance, Truth or Dare, dropped Friday. And it's going to be more than just a fragrance. After the success of her Material Girl line with daughter Lourdes, Truth or Dare will be a "lifestyle brand" aimed at women aged 27 to -- *gasp* -- 50.

Can you imagine how low this sinks Madonna to have a brand that will appeal to women who are practically the age she fights so hard not to be?

The very fact that Truth or Dare is named after a documentary from 1991 indicates Madonna's mindset. I expect that in her mind, she's no older now than she was then.

Of course, she's that age in my mind too. I'm stuck around Express Yourself and am always surprised when I see her now.

Let's read about the Head Beautygeek's experience meeting Madonna as L'Oreal's red carpet corresondent for TIFF - there's some good stuff on how to get a major celebrity to stop and talk to you there. (Hint: ask how she stays looking so young.)

Will Truth or Dare turn Madge into a billion-dollar brand like Jessica Simpson?

Has Madonna checked out her factories to ensure she's not using slave labour, like the Kardashians (allegedly)?

The press materials describe the scent as "narcotic florals balanced with addictive woods and vanilla". Hmmm... narcotic florals - aren't those poppies? Addictive woods... hmm...chocolate? Chocolate beans grow on a tree. So, it smells like Remembrance Day and Easter plus vanilla? Yum?

The fragrance will be available in April, just in time for Easter.

Are you curious/frightened/eager?