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Smoky Eye, Pshaw: This Look is SO. MUCH. EASIER FASTER.

Seriously. I love the smoky eye look, but this makeup is waaaay faster to do.
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Rooney Mara

The smoky eye is actually quite easy -- just take a peek at the wholelottaposts undermy Smoky-Eye Tips tab, or watch this quick smoky-eye tutorial vid I did for The Kit. But really, Rooney Mara's bold-lip-no-eyeshadow face for the NYC premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is so much faster to do.

After prepping her complexion with foundation and concealer, Mara's makeup artist Kate Lee basically filled in Mara's brows, curled her lashes and applied mascara to top and bottom, dusted blush on the apples of her cheeks, and finished with a deep red, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Sompteuse ($40; see it here).

Get more what-Kate-Lee-used details via the, and if you've never worn such a look before, for gosh-sakes, please try it!

If you want to add a playful accent, try this lip-glitter trick from gorgeous and slightly goofy (love that) Coco in the video below:

Andokayfine. If you simply must go smoky and you're looking for a great new how-to, try these smoky-eye moves from my girl-crush Jenna Menard, at

But will you at least try this Rooney Mara look one day?

And will you go to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Superstar makeup pro Pat McGrath, Covergirl Global Creative Design Director, designed Rooney's amazing face for the movie. (You don't have to try that look -- unless you want to.)