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Stocking Stuffers: Fancy Facial Cotton Pads (I'm So. Not. Kidding.)

There's a bit of controversy right now about Chanel's $20 Le Coton facial pads. They take after Japanese brand Shiseido, whose Facial Cotton has long been a favourite of many.
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Shiseido Facial Cotton

I don't think of myself as particularly extravagant, I was about to say -- then I remembered I take cabs everywhere and suddenly have a few more pairs of boots than perhaps I should. That said, it's not like everything I own has a fancy designer label, or that all my beauty and grooming stuff is prestige. I geek out about stuff at a variety of price points, as you probably know if you've bopped around on Beautygeeks at all.

But I'm now firmly in the camp of fancy facial cotton pads. Yes, I will pay $9 for a package of Shiseido Facial Cotton. And if when the Chanel Le Coton ($20 USd) hits counters in Canada, I'll try those too. Because I've had it to here with crap cotton pads that disintegrate in the package, or fall apart within seconds of handling, or leave scratches on my face and fuzzies in my eyes. Those kinds of cotton pads are exclusively for nail polish removal.

Chanel Le Coton_$20 USd

Shiseido Facial Cotton -- and, I suspect, given the buzz about them, Chanel Le Coton -- are reserved for use on the face.

What makes them better? I can't speak to the Chanel cotton just yet (I told I'd love them for Christmas), but the Shiseido Facial Cotton pads are wonderfully soft and cushion-y, multi-layered and made of high quality long strands of cotton so they leave zero lint in their wake. They make me look forward to removing my makeup.

I know some people who are going to receive a package of Shiseido Facial Cotton + a tube of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast as a Christmas treat.

What's your cotton-pad stance? Are you already faithful to Shiseido's? Have you tried Chanel's? Or are you a Make-Offs fan for life?

Shiseido Facial Cotton is available at department stores and Shoppers Drug Mart (where I got them for $8).