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Holiday Beauty: One Palette, Three Looks

Love the gorgeous array of makeup palettes on display but don't know what to do with them? This one shows you how to get three looks from a kit with five shadows, three blushes and five lip shades.
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The Kit holiday palettes

I'm a sucker for beauty palettes. I don't necessarily use them -- the word is archivist, thank you very much. But one palette this season actually makes me want to use it.

The Clinique A Season's Worth of Pretty palette ($39 with any Clinique purchase) is larger than the usual purse-size compact I might suggest for toting about on the party circuit. At about 8.5 x 3.5 inches, it calls for a large-ish after-hours bag, or perhaps would rest nicely in your office desk drawer. Either way, it's one of my favourites this season because it comes with a how-to for three different looks:

Clinique Holiday Palette_Natural Face

eyes  Sweep Shade 6 all over the lid from the lashline to brow bone. Add contour with either Shade 9 or Shade 10. Finish with a coat of mascara.
cheeks  Sweep Shade 11 along cheekbones for a soft healthy glow.
lips  Brush on Shade 4 to keep lips looking their natural best. Dress lips up by adding a touch of Shade 3, or add in Shade 2 for a soft, rosy look.

Clinique Holiday Palette_A Season's Worth of Pretty_Natural
Clinique Holiday Palette_Dramatic face

eyes  Sweep Shade 6 all over the lid from lashline to brow bone. Apply Shade 9 above the lashline from inner corner of eye to create a smoky look. Blend upward. For more intensity, apply Shade 7 in crease. Finish with volumizing mascara on the top lashes and Bottom Lash Mascara on the lower lashes.
cheeks  Swirl Shades 12 and 13 together and brush along cheekbones.
lips  Brush on Shade 3. For a cooler, slightly muted red to complement the smoky eye, add Shade 1. To go warmer, add Shade 5.

Clinique Holiday Palette_A Season's Worth of Pretty_Dramatic
Clinique Holiday Palette_All Out Glam face

eyes  Sweep Shade 8 all over lid from lashline to brow bone. Contour in crease with Shade 10. Apply Shade 9 to outer corner of eye to add definition. Finish with volumizing mascara on top and bottom lashes.
cheeks  For a sculpted look, sweep Shade 13 in the hollows of cheeks. Then brush on Shade 11 just above the apples of cheeks.
lips  Try Shade 2 on lips for a glamorous finish. To tone it down, add a drop of Shade 4. Or give it a violet twist by adding a touch of Shade 1.If you've already picked up the Clinique holiday palette, you can download the A Season's Worth of Pretty Booklet here.

Clinique Holiday Palette_A Season's Worth of Pretty_All-Out Glam

Does this inspire you to play more with any of the palettes you already own? For more pretty-compact suggestions, click on the opening photo of this post for my story in the current issue of The Kit.

Clinique's A Season Worth of Pretty is available with purchase at Clinique counters and Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.