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Cranky Beauty Pants: CK One Shock-er

When CK One launched years ago, it was all about being one scent for both boys and girls. But CK One Shock comes in separate scents, one for her and one for him. Shock indeed.
CK Shock

Remember how Calvin Klein sold us CK One back in the day*? That's right - as a unisex fragrance that you and the boy could wear.

But surprise -- as evidenced by TTC signage, now there are two kinds of CK One scents: CK One Shock for her, a sweet, musky floral oriental in neon pink; and for him, a bold oriental in neon green.

Really? Two? Divided by gender? Shocker.

I thought we were past that in the post-gender age as imagined by Mr. Klein.

Let's go to the press info -- there must be an explanation of this seemingly off-equity development.

"...the introduction of ck one shock marks the first non-shared fragrances in the ck one portfolio, capturing the individual gender identity that represents youth culture today."

Pop! That was the sound of my head exploding. Also, I've been spelling CK One incorrectly; I will not be fixing it.

Well, at least Santa will know which One to put in which stocking.

* to those of you who are wondering, "the day" was 1994.

CK One is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix; from $45.