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Geeking Out: Lo & Sons OG (Overnight & Gym) Travel Bag

I've met the bag of my dreams. But it's a long distance relationship. For now.
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Lo & Sons OG Travel Bag

If you live in the US, you are a lucky, lucky girl. You see, I've fallen in love with a bag. Not just any bag, but one that would fit my other half -- Mac B. Air -- plus all the other items I usually carry: computer cords, mini recorder, camera, notebook, pens, hand cream, spin pins, Small-toids (mini Altoids), makeup case, three lip balms, five lipsticks, one lip gloss, hand sanitizer, Starbucks napkins, sunblock, tissue, wallet, sunglasses, microfibre cloth... yes, I just looked in my purse.

As well, the bag is large enough to hold an additional baggie bulging with travel-sized skincare, and includes a built-in shoe pocket, a zippered front compartment for travel documents and phone, a handy key-hook thingie, and an adjustable band at the back that fits securely over the handle of a suitcase. Organized genius, available in black with silver hardware, black with gold hardware, khaki, blue and red. One more bonus: the interior isn't a black pit of you'll-never-find-it-without-a-flashlight.

You're clever, so you've connected the name of this post with the name of the bag: the Lo & Sons OG Bag ($295 USd). And you're lucky if you live in the US because at the moment, Lo & Sons ships only within your country. (I found the site via a Refinery 29 tweet.)

Have a look at the vid below to see why I'm geeking out with a side of sadness at the OG's lack of easy availability here in Canada, especially just before I'm scheduled to leave on a series of trips.

Lo & Sons - The O.G. (Overnight & Gym) Travel Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

Santa can still cross borders without issue, right?

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