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Cranky Beauty Pants: Are Those Fergie's Nails, or Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Crank B Pants thinks maybe Fergie's nails are weapons of mass destruction.
Fergie and her nails

Is this photo from Halloween? Seriously, what the hell is going on with Fergie's nails?

Fergie's nails

Unless you're the un-dead, these are not acceptable nails. (I'm looking at you, too, RiRi and Adele.)

So glad Fergie and Josh don't have a baby. Can you imagine how quickly his or her little eye would get poked out?

In fact, how is she not accidentally covering herself in claw marks all day long?

Fergie's nails and skirt

And check out Fergie's skirt. It's feathered -- OR it was a totally normal skirt until her nails got involved. Good thing she's not wearing stockings. Or maybe she tried to wear them and after like eight pairs, gave up.

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