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Shine Happy: Essie Luxeffects Topcoats, Resort 2012 and Spring 2012

Essie Luxeffects textured topcoats deliver grown-up glitter, shimmer and iridescence to your favourite polish shades, plus Essie Resort and Spring 2012
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Essie Luxeffects textured topcoats

Grown-up glitter and ultra-shimmer. That's what the spanking new Essie Luxeffects topcoats deliver. Shimmer, opalescence, iridescence and glitter in sheer, shiny lacquer that you can wear alone or layer over your current colour obsession, whatever it may be -- they're topcoats that keep on giving.

Essie Luxeffects Topcoats

Available in As Gold as it Gets (gold shimmer and paillettes), Shine of The Times (opalescent and iridescent gold shimmer and paillettes), A Cut Above (glitzy metallic pink paillettes), Set in Stones (silver paillettes) and Pure Pearlfection (opalescent white shimmer), the set joins the Essie core collection officially in mid-January. Look for it in salons in December, just in time for the New Year's crowd.

OPI Vampsterdam + Essie Pure Perfection Luxeffects Top Coat

Here, Beautygeek Liza Herz wears OPI Vampsterdam topped with Essie Luxeffects topcoat in Pure Pearlfection.

Essie Resort 2012

Essie Resort 2012 (from left): She's Picture Perfect (iridescent lilac), Sure Shot (shimmering berry), No More Film (deep violet blue) and Pink-A-Boo (shimmering pink).

Essie Spring 2012_the A Spring to Invest In

And the juicy shades of Essie Spring 2012, a collection called A Spring to Invest In.

Essie 2010 A Spring to Invest In

From top left: Navigate Her (fresh new green), A Crewed Interest (peach), To Buy or Not to Buy (pale lilac shimmer), Tour de Finance (shimmery, metallic-esque fuchsia), Olé Caliente (fruity scarlet), and Orange, It's Obvious (tangy orange). I can't lie: Orange, It's Obvious and I have been flirting outrageously.

Essie 30 Years of Color

And that's not all -- it's Essie's 30th Anniversary, and for this display, founder and global creative director Essie Weingarten has selected her 30 favourites out of all her collections since 1981. Check out the colour timeline here.

Essie's 30 Years of Color pick in Smokin' Hot

Of note: in January, the more-widely-available 54 shades at mass retailers will be updated to include Smokin' Hot...

Essie's 30 Years of Color pick in Lilacism

...and Lilacism, which are, at the moment salon-exclusive. The two shades hit the top 30 most popular salon colours, so the company wants to make them easier for you to access.

What's your favourite Essie polish colour?

Essie nail polish, $9.99 each, is available via salons; a 54-shade range is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. for more info.