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Ring Me: Versace for H&M Baubles Calling

I'm not into the clothing, but I'm down with the big-talker rings. And maybe some Dragon Tattoos...
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Versace for H&M_Nov2011

I'm not so much into Versace style. But I'm into eye-catching rings.

Versace for H&M gold ring

If you're planning to rush H&M for the Versace collection on November 19th so you can make an eBay killing as per the Lanvin debacle, could you just please leave me these? Thank you.

Versace for H&M red ring

Because it's another grey day, here's some yellow. I would wear this if I looked like this model. Okay, maybe without the bag.

Versace for H&M_Nov 19

Are you a Verse-ace fan? Or more of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo type? (That collection debuts December 14th.)


Images courtesy of H&M.