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F is for Full Coverage: Zombie Boy's Extreme Tattoo Conceal + Reveal

Canadian model Rico Genest, aka Zombie Boy covers up then takes it all off in this freaky-cool time-lapse video for Dermablend.
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Gaga and Zombie Boy

Covering tattoos takes more than just having a smear-resistant, opaque concealer. For some it takes a village of artists. And technique is key. But technique's a topic for another day.

In the video below, Canadian model Rico Genest, aka Zombie Boy of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video fame, has been blanketed in concealer by a village of Dermablend makeup artists. Watch as he removes layers of cover-up with Dermablend makeup remover to reveal his trademark tatts.

F is also for freaky-cool.

Behind-the-scenes vid and photos here.

Props to the brain(s) that thought of this campaign, right?

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