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Then and Now: Blue Eye Shadow in the ’70s and Covergirl Blue Backstage at Todd Lynn Last Week

Blue eye shadow still has a residual bad beauty rep thanks to 1970s ads like these. Here's Covergirl blue eye shadow from just last week at the Todd Lynn fashion show.
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blue eye shadow backstage at Todd Lynn

Hands up if you've worn blue eye shadow in the last year.

If you're really into makeup and fashion, okay, you've probably rocked it. But for some, blue eye shadow still seems to retain its beauty-bad rep, thanks to ’70s stuff like this:

Cybill Shepherd_1972

Covergirl ad featuring Cybill Shepherd, 1972.

Helena Rubenstein blue shadow_1972

Helena Rubenstein cosmetics, 1972.

Cover Girl Eyes blue shadow_Shaun Casey 1975

Covergirl ad featuring Shaun Casey, 1975

blue shadow backstage at Todd Lynn

At the Todd Lynn runway show at the Ritz Carlton on Friday, the blue shadow on Frances/Elite Models (top photo) and Ishie/Elite Models (above) was Covergirl. Frances' makeup was applied by Covergirl makeup pro Greg Wencel, who has worked with Drew Barrymore and Taylor Swift.

Covergirl makeup_Todd Lynn_Toronto

He combined powder shadow, liquid shadow and liner to match the shade used in Todd Lynn's London Fashion Week show. The mix: SmokyShadowBlast eye shadow stick in Tempest Blue; Intense Shadowblast Primer + Shadow in Blue Bomb; LiquilineBlast eyeliner in Blue Boom; Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadows in Blazing Blues; and a lick of Natureluxe mousse mascara for a tiny bit of definition.

Frances_Todd Lynn backstage Toronto

Greg also amped up Frances' brows with graphic strokes of Brow & Eyemakers pencil in Henna Brown.

Are you wary of blue eye shadow? Or is it just another colour in your makeup arsenal?